CityPass Oostende

Categories // Web, Motion
Year // Spring 2013
Contributors // Nathalie Perriens & Jens Bombey
My Role // Part of Design, Front-end & Motion Intro

As a school assignment for the course "Major Atelier IV" we had to make a mobile webapplication for 'Ostend' (a city on the seaside in Belgium). We were asked to make a digital version of the pass that you can use in the city to visit multiple cultural attractions. We had to do everything just with html, css & javascript. We also had to make our own php rest api. Afterwards we also had to make a promotional video. Because we had to do this all in five days, the webapp mustn't be responsive so we just had to work on a fixed iPhone size.

Link to Website Link to Vimeo
citypass-oostende/01.jpg citypass-oostende/02.jpg citypass-oostende/03.jpg citypass-oostende/04.jpg citypass-oostende/05.jpg citypass-oostende/06.jpg citypass-oostende/07.jpg citypass-oostende/08.jpg citypass-oostende/09.jpg citypass-oostende/10.jpg citypass-oostende/11.jpg