Categories // Web
Year // Fall 2013

As a school assignment for the course "Cross Media Design III" we had to redesign the existing Innowiz brainstorm tool.

Innowiz is a tool of brainstorm cards with various techniques. We needed to fully digitize this tool in a completely new way, the current design should be fully customized. It must be able to work on different platforms. So we had to make an iPhone, iPad and desktop app, that whether or not interact with each other.

innowiz/01.jpg innowiz/02.jpg innowiz/03.jpg innowiz/04.jpg innowiz/05.jpg innowiz/06.jpg innowiz/07.jpg innowiz/08.jpg innowiz/09.jpg innowiz/10.jpg innowiz/11.jpg innowiz/12.jpg innowiz/13.jpg innowiz/14.jpg innowiz/15.jpg innowiz/16.jpg