Butcher & the Burger

Categories // Web, Native Apps, Motion
Year // Spring 2013
Contributors // Nathalie Perriens & Jens Bombey
My Role // Native App (Design & Programming)

As a school assignment for the course "Major Atelier IV" we had to create an iPhone app, responsive website and promotional video about a hamburger restaurant. When designing, we had to respect the style of the chosen restaurant. The user had to be able to create and vote for a new kind of hamburger, the website and mobile app had to interact with each other.

We've chosen Butcher and the Burger as brand, this because we all loved the logodesign. We made it a burger-brand that is looking for a new burger. For this, they want to appeal to all burger fans: create a new flavor that you add into a new burger, and maybe it will be the new burger of this summer!

Link to Website
butcher-burger/01.jpg butcher-burger/02.jpg butcher-burger/03.jpg butcher-burger/04.jpg butcher-burger/05.jpg butcher-burger/06.jpg butcher-burger/07.jpg butcher-burger/08.jpg butcher-burger/09.jpg butcher-burger/10.jpg butcher-burger/11.jpg butcher-burger/12.jpg butcher-burger/13.jpg butcher-burger/14.jpg butcher-burger/15.jpg butcher-burger/16.jpg butcher-burger/17.jpg butcher-burger/18.jpg